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Mark Shadley
Lead Investigator/Researcher

I am a retired police sergeant from Southern California. My interest in the paranormal field was peaked over thirty years ago when I experienced something I believe to be paranormal. Because of my background I am a skeptic that believes there are often environmental reasons for some claims of paranormal activity. I also ascribe to Ockham’s razor when dealing with the paranormal, simply stated; when all things are equal, the simplest solution is the best.

Maurice 'Mo' Miller
Case Manager/Investigator

My interest in the paranormal was fostered at an early age by my mother and grandmother who were very much into ghosts/spirits and the like. Fortunately for me the interest never waned. My artistic background compels me to look at life from a slightly different perspective than most. My desire is to find out what all this is about. Hopefully through my exploration of this phenomena I will be able to share with others what I have and will learn. If I am not at work as a designer/sign guy or investigating I am probably playing golf or working hard to create a masterpiece.


Josh Wennes
PR Manager/Media Specialist/Website Administrator/Tech Manager/Investigator

My interest in the paranormal comes from personal experiences and the realization that others share that interest.  My involvement in the group is made possible by my incredibly understanding wife, Amanda.  Outside of BHPI, I am a huge baseball fan and history buff. I love local history as well as Civil War and World War II history.


Charles Blanchard
Investigator/Public Relations Representative

I'm from New Mexico, originally. I moved to the Black Hills 2 years ago with my wife Rachel. I was a gunners mate 2nd class in the Navy and now I'm working in Rapid City. I joined and was accepted to BHPI to look for proof, for myself and others, to the questions we have about the paranormal.


Rachel Blanchard
Investigator/Public Relations Representative

My interest in the paranormal started when I was in high school, after seeing a full body apparition. I have been searching to see some thing like it ever since. My husband and I moved to the Black Hills in 2010 from southern Minnesota. We have had the privileged of getting to follow our passion for the paranormal with the great folks in BHPI. When we aren't ghost hunting Charles and I enjoy riding our motorcycle in the beautiful Black Hills.

Susan Parsons


The Paranormal is something that has sparked my interest since I was in grade school. I always loved hearing other people's ghost stories.  I had always been half believer, half skeptic. I have had a few personal experiences, but I have never been able to figure out if it was just circumstance or something Paranormal at work. My life outside hunting for ghosts consists of spending time with my husband and baby boy. I also love to read non-fiction books, and spend time outdoors.

Peggy Shadley

I am a retired Forensic specialist that worked for a Southern California police department. My experience working with evidence of all kinds gives me a unique perspective in the proper procedures in collecting alleged paranormal evidence. I have been intrigued with the paranormal and the unexplained and feel my background brings a scientific approach to the field.

Mark Rowland

I've always had an interest in the supernatural and paranormal. Sparked mostly from personal experiences and the experiences told to me by friends and family. I'm always trying to find that logical explanation but, sometimes you just can't. Outside of paranormal investigating I'm a die hard hockey fan and amateur player.

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Dustin Hallett

I've been interested in the unknown since getting my first ghost book at age 10. I'm in the Air Force and attending NAU for criminal justice. I love sports expecially Hockey and Football. I'm a true outdoorsman and love to hunt

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Scott Remboldt

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Deb Sutton

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