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Rapid City, South Dakota

Black Hills Paranormal Investigations

Rapid City, South Dakota

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BHPI utilizes electro-magnetic field meters (EMF), digital video cameras, DVR system with IR (Infrared) static cameras, and digital audio recorders.

Each member of BHPI is expected to have at the very least a digital audio recorder and flashlight to bring to investigations.

Top left to right:

Microphone that we can use with the SB-7 Spirit box. 

The black box is a Geo-phone.  This measures vibrations much like a seismograph (sp).  We deploy this in areas where the claims involve footsteps being heard.  If something is walking by, we can see the unit light up.  The more lights, the heavier the steps.

More walkie-talkies

Bottom row:

Audio recorder.  A mag lite.  The are used with flashlight experiments.  This is another way to try to communicate with whatever may be in the vicinity.  The spirit, if you will, can turn this off and on using this for a yes or no type question session.

Laser Grid.  This is a common laser grid.  It displays a pattern of dots in a room allowing an investigator to see the slightest movement–be it a shadow or something more

Another audio recorder.

The lower right:

EPOD. This unit is a proximity meter.  There is antenna that can be extended and it also has lights.  If something comes near this unit the lights will either come on in a sequence or go out in a sequence according to the static in the area.  Much like a parascope but not as precise.

Two types of Parascopes (The units with the wands protruding from the bases)  The operate by measuring the Tribo-electric field.  Basically static.  The zero out to the static charge in their general vicinity–about ten feet.  If something with an opposite charge comes by, the unit lights up.  The wands light and point in the direction of the disturbance.  This allow you to know the direction from where the disturbance is coming.

Walkie-Talkies.  We use these to keep track of where our investigators are as well as sharing any event that we come across and need to share.

The large white unit is just a light that we use to see our cases if we are in a dark command center.

The unit of the left that looks like legs is a very small tripod that we use with our laser grids.  It is flexible so we can put this out on an uneven surface and use our laser grids.

There are two audio recorders which are used to collect EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena)

There are three EMF detectors (The units with the red tops and the black box in the lower left)  These are used to find EMFs in the area you are in.  The are most useful in finding the natural EMFs in any given area. i.e., appliances, wiring, etc.  These prevent us from honing in on a false positive.  If they go off where there is no recorded EMFs start digging.  You may have something here.

The large white unit is an IR motion detector.  This sends out a very wide IR beam that if broken, alarms.  This is quite loud and you put these out where there have been claims of movement.  If something moves by, an very disturbingly loud alarm will sound.  We have more than one of these.  On a past investigation, we had these in rooms across from one another and they would go off at separate times making us go back and forth between rooms.  Was something having a little fun with us?  The two smaller white items are the fobs to operate the IR Motion Detector.

The K-II.  This is a type of EMF detector that is very common within the paranormal field.  The neat things about these are the lights across the top.  You can interact with something by having it light up more than one light.  These are quite useful when communicating with something.

Far right.  Regular flashlight with a red lens cover.  Why the red cover?  It allows you to use the flashlight without messing with your own eyes trying to see in the dark.  It doesn’t interfere with your night vision.

Left to right top row:

Binoptic Camera – This uses two lenses.  One is a standard lens and the other is an IR lens.  This comes into play where there is a lot of claimed orb activity.  If you see orbs on the normal side and nothing on the IR it more than likely means that it is nothing but dust particulates.  If the IR side sees the orb and it has its own light source–that is something to look into.  This also has audio recording on it.  This has captured EVPs as well as a few anomalies for Black Hills Paranormal Investigations

Mel Meter’s – These devices measure Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and records high and low temperature.

The next item with the lights on it is an IR extender.  This is used in conjunction with the Binoptic Camera.  The lights extend the IR capability so it can see farther into the dark.  It also has lights that will illuminate the room in the UV spectrum that is not visible to the human eye.  Somethings captured are in the dark so the IR works well and some things appear in the UV spectrum.  Using this UV light, we can see things that the human eye will not pick up.

Lower row, left to right:

B-7 Spirit Box.  This is a unit that sweeps radio waves in a very rapid fashion.  It can sweep forward or reverse.  It operates on the premise that spirits can manipulate radio white noise, and speak through using the white noise.  We have gotten some pretty interesting results with this unit.

Laser Grid.  This unit is a bit different from a typical laser grid.  Instead of projecting dots this projects an actual grid pattern.  This unit works really well in tight spaces and hallways.