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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is BHPI?
We can best be described as a group of paranormal investigators dedicated to the serious investigation and research of suspected paranormal activity. When founded in 2007, we knew that common sense, critical thinking, and a healthy dose of skepticism would serve us well. We do not enter any investigation trying to prove the claims of paranormal activity. We try finding reasonable explanations first.
We do not charge for our investigation!

BHPI does not enter any investigation trying to prove paranormal activity. We first look for reasonable explanations. Anything that is left will warrant full on paranormal investigating to find the root source of the activity. We also understand that it is difficult to talk to complete strangers about paranormal experiences. Know that BHPI does not judge. We promise you that your case will be handled with understanding, professionalism, and confidentiality. If you are experiencing  activity that you believe is paranormal in nature then Black Hills Paranormal Investigations is the investigative team for you. All of our services are free of charge. Go to our Contact Us page to send us a message. Our lead investigator Maurice ‘Mo’ Miller or our case manager Lee Ann Hibbert will contact you promptly.

I can't even mention what's happening to my friends and co-workers for fear of ridicule. Why would I call complete strangers and ask for help?
We understand your concern. We know how hard it can be to talk to complete strangers about what you are experiencing. It is a tough decision to make. Just know that we at BHPI are not here to judge you or your experiences. If you contact us, we can promise you that your case will be handled with understanding, professionalism, and the strictest of confidentiality.
I want to call BHPI for help, but I don't want anyone to know. Will you keep my information confidential?
Yes. We take our clients confidentiality quite serious. You determine the level of confidentiality and we will honor it.
What can I expect when I contact BHPI?
Once you contact BHPI our case manager will contact you and ask you some preliminary questions about your case. If the case manager cannot resolve the case at this point, a pre-investigation interview will be scheduled. The pre-investigation interview entails a meeting with two seasoned investigators who will meet with you at your home. Their job is to evaluate the case and determine the viability of a full investigation, and how many investigators will be needed.

You should also understand that not every case we investigate is paranormal in nature. We have found that 95-97% of the cases, we can find some environmental, structural, chemical, or biological reason for what you have experienced. But, we also don’t want you to feel you have wasted our time. This is what we do, and our job is to find answers.

This meeting is also your opportunity to ask us questions. We want you to feel comfortable with our practices and us.

If an investigation is scheduled, what can I expect?

Prior to the investigation, an investigator will research your property in an effort to uncover any significant historic activity that might be relevant to the case. Upon arrival at your home or business, we conduct a safety tour looking for any hazards. The rest of the team will begin placing equipment in areas where paranormal activity has been reported.

We utilize static IR (Infrared) cameras, digital video cameras, digital audio recorders, and electro-magnetic field meters (EMF), just to name a few.

Once satisfied with our setup, we will begin the investigation. Our investigators will document anomalous readings and attempt to debunk or look for reasonable explanations for the reported activity. Expect the investigation to take at least six hours. It could last longer if we are experiencing activity. 

If a spirit is discovered our psychics will determine if it should be removed or not with the consent of the client.

Once our goals of the investigation have been satisfied, we will proceed to pack up our equipment and leave your home or business. It usually takes us two weeks to review and analyze the evidence collected. Once finished, we will contact you to reveal our findings. Any evidence collected will be handed over to you.

** An important note. Any evidence collected by BHPI on any investigation becomes the property of BHPI, and BHPI can distribute that evidence in presentations and through social media. However, BHPI will not disseminate that evidence if it might reveal a client’s identity.

Can I be there when BHPI investigates my home or business?
Yes. We encourage our clients to take part in the investigation. One of our founding principles at BHPI is educating the public. This policy has served us well and helped countless people overcome their fears. You should never be afraid to be in your own home.

If you do wish to take part in the investigation we do request that you don’t call all of your friends and family. Too many people can contaminate any evidence we collect. We will not be able to investigate under those conditions.

Do you provoke the spirits like I see on TV?
No. We approach all of our investigations with respect. If in fact we are dealing with true paranormal activity, then yelling and screaming is not a reasonable and accepted approach to proper procedures.
If BHPI does find evidence of paranormal activity, will you remove it?

Yes, if warranted. We leave that determination up to the client and the psychics we have on the team. We have also found that educating our clients about paranormal activity decreases their anxiety. Once we strip away the mystique of the paranormal experience, many of our past clients have learned to coexist and accept the activity.

How do I contact BHPI?
There are several ways. We are on Facebook, or you can contact us at

If you have any other questions that were not addressed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.