Black Hills Paranormal Investigations

Rapid City, South Dakota

Black Hills Paranormal Investigations

Rapid City, South Dakota


We were contacted by a client who told us not only she, but also her dog has been experiencing strange activity in her home. She told us the activity seems to be getting more pronounced and would like us to investigate.

She told us she had been in the military and has made her own attempts to find out what is going on, but she can’t find any reasonable explanations for the activity.

She said she started noticing her dog staring at different areas of the home and acting strange. At first she just thought maybe the dog heard mice in the walls, but she told us the home is a new build and she has never seen or heard any evidence of mice. What made her really start to take notice was the night she was in the kitchen and her dog started acting funny. At that moment she clearly saw a ball of light race past her and disappear. On another occasion she was in the bathroom when her dog started acting strange and she looked down the hallway and saw a shadow figure.

Our client told us she has also had experiences in the finished basement. When down there working out she would get strange feelings of being watched. She has also noticed picture frames will be knocked over.

The home is a recent build in a newer development with all the modern amenities.


We kept our investigation to four members of the team. The client and her dog were also present for the investigation. We began with an EMF sweep of the location. We found no anomalous readings that could be attributed to the claimed activity.

We set up three static IR cameras in the areas where our client claimed most of the activity was taking place. We placed digital recorders at each camera. Once we started it seemed so did the activity. We started hearing unusual noises coming from the basement and noticed the dog alerted to the sounds. The dog stood at the top of the steps staring down into the basement, but at no time did the dog go into the basement.

We moved into the basement and sat in different rooms while we conducted an EVP session. During this time, we noticed movement would start to happen upstairs. We split up and left a couple investigators in the basement while the other two went upstairs with the client. Soon after this the investigators in the basement heard a loud thump that echoed throughout the house. The dog began barking. We could not determine where the thump had come from, but we did know it came from the basement inside the house. We later checked the USGS website and found there was no seismic activity reported during this time.

Throughout the night, we continued to hear noises that sounded like movement. We could never pinpoint the noises. It seemed as if each time we’d hear something and go investigate, there would be another noise in another part of the home.

Once we finished our investigation we reviewed our video and audio evidence. We found nothing of value in our video, but we did uncover a few interesting EVPs that we could not debunk.


We tried to research the property, but could not locate any significant history to this location. It was at one time all open range. We did know this was an entry point for many pioneers during the early history of Rapid City and the Black Hills. We suspect, but cannot confirm that the activity in our client’s home is possibly related to the property, and that activity is residual in nature. With what our client told us later that many of her neighbors have also confided they too have experienced some of the same things she had, makes us even more confident in our findings.

We told our client we felt confident that the activity was residual in nature and benign. We did check in with her a few weeks later and she told us she has had a few more experiences, but now she isn’t afraid.


I don't want to die.

by Black Hills Paranormal Investigations | Rapid City Investigation #1

This first EVP was an interesting capture. You can hear the investigators talking in the background, and at about 5 seconds in, a whispered voice comes through. We thought it sounded like “I don’t want to die.”

Loud Thump

by Black Hills Paranormal Investigations | Rapid City Investigation #1

The next EVP is the loud thump we all heard.

I'm Coming

by Black Hills Paranormal Investigations | Rapid City Investigation #1

This next EVP was a little creepy. We had never heard anything like this before. We captured this EVP in a closet with a crawl space.