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       What is BHPI?

        Black Hills Paranormal Investigations (BHPI) is a group dedicated to the serious research and investigation of paranormal related activity in the Black Hills. We never enter any investigation to prove the existence of ghosts. We enter investigations to find reasonable explanations.

Does BHPI charge for investigations?

        No. All of our services are free of charge. No one from BHPI will ever ask for money!

        What can you expect when you contact BHPI?

        Once you contact BHPI you will be contacted by our case manager who will ask you some preliminary questions about your case. We treat all of our cases with the utmost confidentiality. (More on this later.) The case manager will schedule a pre-investigation interview with you. This entails a meeting with two seasoned investigators who will evaluate the case, and determine the viability of a full investigation. If an investigation is warranted, it will be scheduled at this point.

       During this meeting our seasoned investigators will listen to your claims of activity and attempt to determine if they can find reasonable explanations. We find that in 95-97% of the cases, we can find some environmental, structural, chemical, or biological reason behind what you have experienced. But, there are still those cases that still make us scratch our heads. Don't feel as if you are wasting our time calling us.

        Can I be there when BHPI investigates?

        Yes. We encourage our clients to take part in the investigation. One of our founding principles here at BHPI is educating the public. You should never be afraid to be in your own home. This policy has served us well and helped countless people overcome their fears.

       We do request that if you do want to take part in the investigation please do not call all of your friends and family to show up. Too many people can contaminate any evidence collected.

       If you would rather leave the premises you may do so. Rest assured that we at BHPI are responsible and will treat your home with respect.

       What can I expect when BHPI comes to my home or business to investigate?

       After a safety tour, the lead investigator will sit down with you to fill out confidentiality/liability paperwork. Once the paperwork is complete, the BHPI team will begin placing our equipment throughout the home where activity has been reported. Prior to the investigation, a team member will have researched your property looking for any significant history that might explain some of the activity you have experienced. If you decide to stay for the investigation we will keep you informed throughout the process and include you into the investigation if you so desire.

       We utilize static IR (Infrared) cameras, digital video cameras, digital audio recorders, and electro-magnetic field meters (EMF). Teams of two to four proceed to enter the home and start investigating. We document anything anomalous, and attempt to debunk or find a reasonable explanation.

       We can spend anywhere from four to six even eight hours on an investigation at a residence. On average, our investigations last about six hours.

       Once we are satisfied that we have collected sufficient evidence, we will proceed to pack up our equipment and usually need about two weeks to review and analyze any evidence collected. We are dedicated to using critical thinking and common sense when it comes to reviewing evidence. If any of the team has doubts about the veracity of the evidence--it will be discarded.

       You will be contacted and a reveal of evidence will be scheduled. You will receive a written report of the findings of the investigation along with copies of any evidence uncovered during the investigation.

       We maintain a strong relationship with all of our clients and encourage them to keep in contact with us. We are always available to answer questions, and if warranted BHPI will conduct follow up investigations.

        If BHPI finds evidence of paranormal activity in my home can you remove it?

No. We have found through our research, there is no solid evidence that this task can be achieved successfully. We hear stories of homes being cleansed and the activity drops off, but tends to come back. Plus, many of these people who claim to be able to perform this act charge large sums of money. We believe legitimate investigators or researchers of the paranormal should never charge for this service. BHPI has found that educating our clients about paranormal activity tends to make them less concerned, and better armed to confront that activity.

       Can I remain anonymous?

       Yes. We take our clients confidentiality quite serious.

       How can I contact BHPI?

        There are several ways you can contact us at BHPI. We can be reached at or on Facebook.

        If you have any questions that weren't covered here, please contact us through email or Facebook and we'll be happy to help.